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    Probate Solicitors

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Probate Solicitors

Expert Probate Solicitors

Has someone close to you recently passed away? In order to deal with their estate, you will need advice from experienced and professional probate solicitors. Courtyard Solicitors have extensive experience on all aspects of making a will or obtaining a grant of probate.

Grant of Probate

Probate is the legal process of dealing with a deceased persons estate and involves taking instructions from the executor of the deceased's Will (Grant of Probate or Grant of Representation) the deceased's nearest relatives when there is no will (grant or letter of administration), obtaining details as to the assets and liabilities of the deceased's estate and then making an application for either a grant of probate or a grant of letters of administration. 

Once the grant has been obtained, we will then deal with the collection of the assets of the estate, discharge all liabilities including the Inheritance Tax (if applicable), paying funeral expenses and distributing the assets pursuant to the terms of the will or in accordance with the rules of intestacy.

Costs - We Offer Low Fixed Fees for Probate

Our fees for Probate are based on the Law Society’s recommended fee scale

1% of the value of assets other than land*
0.5% of the value of land and a discounted hourly rate of £100.00*

*All fees are subject to VAT


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