Courtyard Solicitors - Making a Will
April 2023
  This video from the Law Society explains why you need a will. Courtyard Solicitors are expert solicitors for the preparation of a...
Courtyard Solicitors - Happy New Year
January 2023
Courtyard Solicitors would like to wish all their clients and suppliers a very Happy & Prosperous 2023!    
Probate Solicitors
September 2022
Probate is the process of dealing with a dead person’s estate. This involves collecting together all their money, assets, property and...
5 reasons why you should make a will - Courtyard Solicitors in Wimbledon and Totnes
 It’s not a subject that you want to think about too much, however it is extremely important to have a will.    By writing a will...
Fixed Fees Solicitors, Totnes, Devon
By knowing your legal costs in advance, you can rest assured that your legal bill won’t exceed your budget.   Courtyard Solicitors offer...
Courtyard Solicitors - Why should get a will
April 2021
Watch this video from the Law Society which explains why it is important to ensure that you have a will and it is up to date. Courtyard...