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Courtyard Solicitors

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Experienced professional solicitors who offer great value legal services


Courtyard Solicitors are a firm of experienced solicitors with offices in Wimbledon, South West London and Totnes in South Devon. Courtyard Solicitors specialise in Conveyancing, Wills, ProbateLitigation, PropertyBusiness and Family Law. The lawyers at Courtyard Solicitors have wide-ranging expertise in their respective areas of law and are accredited by The Law Society. They pride themselves on avoiding the use of confusing legal jargon and instead try to make sense out of what can sometimes be a confusing situation. Courtyard Solicitors seek to solve their clients’ problems without delegating them to junior or inexperienced staff in order to help you get the outcome you desire.

Courtyard Solicitors strive to offer a competitive and efficient service to their clients by offering great-value, fixed fees, where possible so their clients don't have to worry about legal costs spiraling out of control.

Courtyard Solicitors like to think they never lose sight of the need for all clients to be able to speak directly to the person dealing with their matter. They realise it’s important for their clients to have ready access to their lawyer as soon as possible, in order to answer questions and resolve queries.

If you would like an experienced solicitor to discuss your matter with you, with please don't hesitate to contact Courtyard Solicitors.


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